Bread capsules: the world food in single doses

Bread capsules: the world food in single doses

Coffee machines popularized the capsules, but that’s only the beginning. Slowly we saw the drinks rise and even food. Bread capsules are the latest. Have you ever heard about it?

We showed here the drink capsule machine. There are also wines, coffees, teas, and now the trend is to use this technology in food. It offers practicity, size control of the portion served, is easy to handle and it can be stored for use anytime.

Such as coffee machines, Easybread uses the same concept in a machine with bread capsules. In Portugal is on sale for 99 euros and the capsule costs 1.99. The capsule content is nothing more than a bag of premix for bread and the machine works like a common bread machine. Just add warm water in the reservoir, place the capsule, choose the options you want, and wait for your bread warm.

The machine proved to be promising despite its price, but I was really annoyed by the advertisement. According to the company, the capsules are made with “pure and natural ingredients” and “bring together a unique combination of grain grown in the mountains of Germany and Austria “. I’m still trying to understand the relationship between quality and the mountains of Europe. And I assume that natural ingredients are inside the capsule, after all it is no secret that the capsules are increasing the amount of plastic waste and environmental impact so great that John Sylvan, its inventor, has stated in an interview that he regret his creation.

bread capsules

It is necessary to create sustainable alternatives to this market and the machine is still quite expensive, brings no practicality in in comparison to other machines and one can make bread using only an empty shell (here’s how). Moreover, I would not buy a product that takes advantage of the consumer with dishonest advertising. In the video it is said that the other breads contain GMO ingredients. Would you buy a product from a company that tell lies since the beginning?

Well, if you still want to try the bread capsules, I suggest a Guarana. In capsule too, of course!

bread capsules

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