Book Review: Mindset

Book Review: Mindset

Do you think that who is intelligent was born this way? That some have the gift and others do not? You should know that your answers vary according to your mindset.

When I saw this book for the first time in the bookstore, I thought it was more of a self-help, those of motivation that basically always say the same: you can change your life, but it does not say exactly how.

To make matters worse, the English name also bothered me in a Portuguese book, but the overall idea sounded good.

This is one of those books that, although I have been very suspicious in the beginning, it has exceeded my expectations, is far from being a collection of motivational phrases, it is a whole study of the author throughout her life as a professor and researcher at Stanford.

The general idea of ​​the book is: there are two types of mindset – the fixed and the growth.

The fixed is the one who believes that people are what they are, that they are like that and that’s it. Growth is based on the belief that you are able to cultivate your basic qualities through your own efforts. Ok, sounds simple, but how did she write a whole book about it?

It is clear that each mindset also generates various behaviors in each person and that this appears in the several areas of our life. Basically, there’s one chapter on education, another on business (if you want to know what the “CEO’s Disease” is, you’ll have to read the book to find out!), Sports, kids, and even about love.

The book is very realistic and I have to confess that I saw myself in many situations that she reports, both in one mindset and in the other. I’ve been policing myself since then to change. Of course this affects my creativity as well, but in a very positive way. That is why this book has entered the list of “Books that changed my life”.

  • Grade from 0 to 10: 10
  • To whom this book is indicated: for those who are willing to strive every day to change.
  • To whom this book is NOT indicated: for anyone who wants to live a miracle, easy or guaranteed formula.
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