Beer: from liquid to solid

Beer: from liquid to solid

Once again the beer shows up. One of the most loved beverages of the world ceases to be “just” a drink.

3D printers are becoming increasingly advanced and in addition to printing your creations with coffee based filaments, can now also print it with beer. 3Dom, North Dakota company, continues to innovate as both the filaments were developed by the them. The focus is the use of waste that would be disposed of in the regular process. And now they have a nobler and more sustainable destination than the mere disposal. And of course, the prints come out with a golden color.

Beer 3D

And if it is possible to make a solid from a liquid with a 3D printer, the opposite also happens. With a machine called Zymatic, from the startup PicoBrew, of Seattle, United States. You can make your beer by inserting the ingredients in the equipment. Having this done, the machine works alone, monitors and provides the graphics with the data obtained in the process. And yes, it sends an alert when fermentation is complete and your drink is ready. No mess and easy to use, is indicated even for those who have no experience in domestic manufacture.

Beer machine

Another interesting point is that a number of brewmasters of the country provide their recipes on the company`s page. They earn with the licensing of the formulas which allow their products to reach even more consumers. The purchase can be done in the company’s own site and each unit costs at least $ 2000, not counting the cost of the ingredients`s kits. The video below shows the operation of the machine.

Well, with so much beer, you may play chef and invent in the kitchen. Or in the machine. Just don’t forget to devote your production waste to manufacture the 3D printer filaments.

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