It looks like tea, but it’s beef broth in innovative packaging

It looks like tea, but it’s beef broth in innovative packaging

Meat bouillon in cubes, powder, liquid… too common? What do you think of beef broth in innovative packaging? It may sound weird, but is totally makes sense. Meet it here.

The creation is from the German meat boutique Gourmetfleisch and consists of tea bags containing beef broth. To complete the scenario, the sachets come in a box that imitates a miniature butchery, with each small package hanging on hooks as if they were pieces of real meat.

Beef broth in innovative packaging 2


These hooks, besides the aesthetic function, are also useful. They serve to hang in the pan during the preparation of the dish, when it is ready, you just need to remove and discard the bag.

The premium packaging is creative, attractive and also shows that it is possible to innovate even in a product that has remained almost unchanged for decades. What is still to come?




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