Apple peel stationery: beauty and innovation together

Apple peel stationery: beauty and innovation together

Food leftovers continue to be the stars in innovation. Directly from Portugal comes a stationery and office supplies product line made from apple peel. Check this out here.

Did you know that apple is the most consumed fruit in the world? And that approximately 35% of the fruit is composed of bark, seeds and pulp waste? In Brazil, the bagasse has as main target the soil as organic fertilizer, or uses in animal feed. But this apple peel residue could be better harnessed in other products, not just in food products.

Apple Peel 2

I explain better: imagine notebooks, wallets, briefcases, key chains and handbags literally out of the shell. Because the line “ap peel” is just like that. The Portuguese brand of stationery Cartune has developed a complete line of products made with apple peel. The peels are by-products of the juice industry that uses only the pulp in the juice production. What’s left becomes raw material for other objects such as these. They first dehydrate the peels, then grind and so the resulting powder enters in the composition of coatings of portfolios and also in the paper leaves of the notebooks.

Apple Peel 3

All products are recycled, environmentally friendly and have smooth and soft surface. But unfortunately they have no smell of apple … not yet. It would be a delight to open a wallet emitting the aroma of fruit, so after all, if you don’t have a smell of money, at least you smell something good anyway. With or without fruit aroma, the initiative is another step in the total use of food and reduction of food waste on the planet. Not to mention that their Facebook page is gorgeous (I wanted to buy everything). When will we have apple stationery here too?

Cartune Apple 4

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