Alimentaria Lisbon 2015

Alimentaria Lisbon 2015

Eat Innovation was present at Alimentaria 2015, occurred from 22 to 24 November in Lisbon. Alimentaria is a fair that “focuses on the same space supply and demand of the food industry, hotel and distribution”. And of course we brought to you the most interesting food innovations launched there.

Alimentaria is mainly focused on business commerce interactions and in terms of new product launch it was below my expectations. Nevertheless, I met many different brands and products. The most innovative ones you can check here. Starting with the automatic garbage receiver. When you approach with a tray, it opens the lid automatically to receive the waste. It compresses the trash. And a more advanced version also collects the liquids and keep it separated in other compartment. Hello McDonalds, how long do we have to wait for these bins to arrive in restaurants?

Automatic garbage can AlimentariaAutomatic garbage can open Alimentaria

Other product I tested and approved is the elderberry elixir, a biological concentrate made with elderberry flower extract (photo below left). Elderberry flower has antipyretic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The flowers are harvested in tune with the planetary rhythms and the product is organic. The formula was developed in the community and tested for them until the result which is now marketed. The juice needs to be diluted, so I used 2 tablespoons dissolved in 200 ml of water (1 cup). Looks great, it’s sweet, but not too much, is different and delicious. It’s not like any fruit I’ve ever tried, but it is tasty (photo below right).

Elderflower AlimentariaElderberry Elixir Alimentaria

Finally, I tasted the Hot Nuts, a combination of spiced nuts. At first glance it seems common, but is specially made to harmonize with different drinks. This is ideal to enjoy with Gin. It’s really yummy and different. Even not consuming with alcohol, it’s still excellent. And the label is bilingual (as well as Eat Innovation. I am so identified with that!). There’s no one left to eat later.

Hot Nuts Alimentaria

The visit yielded good contacts and discoveries. Any doubt that the elderberry Elixir harmonizes very well with the Hot Nuts?

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